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Children Learning to Read
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It is truly amazing how fast children can learn different things. Their minds are constantly turning, trying to figure things out. They are trying to take in as much information as they possibly can. Unfortunately, not all of this knowledge is what we as parents think is acceptable material.

There is so much negative material in the world these days. Parents have to watch almost everything that their children are into. None of us want are children to learn from the wrong influence. It is important for us to be the main teachers in their lives. Due to this, we have to find more creative and interesting ways for children learn.

One of the main aspects to learning, is reading. It is an amazing and sometimes complicated adventure. In order to keep children interested, we need to keep things simple and fun. You can always tell when they become bored with something because it turns into a big fight to get them to do what we need and want them to do. For this reason, we need to make sure that learning to read never becomes tedious and boring.

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Children love to be hands on. It is one of the best way that children can learn to read. They are always curious about the adventures that are going on. They love to know why certain things are happening and what exactly is going to happen next. This lets us know that they are curious, which is a huge part of the learning process. We need to keep them interactive so they want to continue the process.

This is important from the time they are a newborn and it continues throughout their school career. A lot of parents like to use flashcards for teaching their children to read. Using this technique is a great idea. However some children will get bored with the flashcards. Why? It is pretty much the same thing over and over again. You show them a word to get them to sound out and when they get it right, you flip the card over to show them the picture. Over time, children will want a new way to learn new words for reading. Other ways of getting a child to learn to read is by playing different word games. Again a wonderful way of learning, but you constantly have to come up with new games to keep the children in tune with what they are learning.

The best way that I have found to teach my children to read, is by making every reading experience personal. How do I do this? I have found that using personalized children’s books is amazing. From the time they are a newborn, they can be the star. They become the main character in the story and the adventure becomes real to them. It is like they are living the story for real. The great thing is that there is no stopping what type of adventure they can be the star of. There are so many different stories that can capture their dreams and keep them interactive for years.

My children never quit talking about the adventures they have lived through these books. They are always ready for the next reading time. They can’t wait to see where they are going next. They love the fact that their friends and family are in the book. They start to learn the words and how to sound out the hard ones without me even asking them to do so.

Children love the opportunity to be the center of attention, so why not allow them to be through reading. We can show them how special they are, while actually teaching them to read. Not a lot of children like to learn if they know it is learning. So, disguise it to make it fun and they will learn faster than ever.

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As a wife and a mother of three young children, I understand the difficulties that come with raising children. I also know the importance of communicating with other parents and childhood educators. For other useful hints and tips, please go to parentingtipsandhints [].

Literacy is a gift worth giving every child!!!

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Before my young daughter turned one years old, I would often read her stories that had pictures. She would avidly read along and point the things that she loved on each of the pages.

Before bed we’d always relax her with a book, and later when my son was born we’d have them both snuggle down into bed together and we’d have a bed time routine, whereby, my husband or myself would lay beside them, and they would take it in turns to read a story book.

However, prior to my son being born, my daughter had a drawer full of picture books, and before she could walk she’d be climbing into that drawer daily, sitting on top of all the books and reading avidly to herself. (mind you she couldn’t talk; it was a lot of babble). She was completely mesmerized with the idea of imagination and what a picture book could offer her by way of play based learning.

Hours would go by and she’d be sitting in that drawer going over one book at a time, one after the other. Often I would have to look in on her to make sure she was ok, and many times she was so engrossed in that book that she wouldn’t even look up and acknowledge me taking sneaking pictures or watching her enjoy her books.

When my son came along she’d have him sitting up with her and wouldn’t allow him to crawl off as she’d read to him her precious books. One after the other, after the other. When he was old enough to open the books and turn the pages himself we discovered the lesson of learning and sharing, and it all started with her books.

Now my daughter is twelve and although she’s not 9 months anymore, climbing into her bottom drawer, I still often walked into her room and find her curled up on the bed reading one of her favourite novels. She simply loves to read, and this love of books that she has continues to grow within her as she ages. Books, may become digital in the future with the birth of the Kindle, however, there’s simply nothing like having a good page turner to sink into and escape too for a while to relax your brain and improve your language skills.

I will always recommend reading to your young children before they can speak. It truly inspired me to see my two children’s imaginations grow with the help of their picture books before they could talk. Now they are both achieving higher than average marks in communication, punctuation, reading, spelling and creative writing. Something they themselves are proud of accomplishing in their young lives already.


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