Little Touch LeapPad Worked Wonders

Little Touch LeapPad Worked Wonders

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When my babies were less then two, we didn’t have much.

We were renovating at the time, a modest 3 bedroom two story home, that use to be repossessed, so we got it very cheaply.

I personally have always enjoyed reading, so as soon as my babies were born I would read them stories, making up the stories to the pictures they were seeing.

As they grew, they were luck enough to receive a LeapPad device.

It was a small device they could rest on their laps whilst we turned the pages together and pointed to each of the things on the page that the LeapPad would ask us to find.

We had an array of different books to read using this device.

As time continued my children learnt to turn the LeapPad on themselves and interpret and understand what was being asked, and would sit for hours, pointing and laughing and enjoying their LeapPad.

We needed to write a blog post about it, as it was truly amazing for our little ones’ as their brains were developing.

My daughter is now in grade 8. She’s the youngest in the grade, and one of the brightest, loving science, maths and excelling at english, and other subjects.

My son is in grade 5, and is a whiz at maths, and has a highly analytical brain, whereby, he has a knack for javascript and coding. (But that is for another blog post).

If you have small children that aren’t going to preschool yet, I highly recommend the LeapPad series. Both my children had the best relationship with literature as they were younger, and it made all the difference to them as they’ve continued to develop.

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