Level 2 Favorite Readers

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Here we have our favorite Level 2 readers:

Scholastic Reader Level 2: Rainbow Magic: The Fairy Treasure Hunt

The Jewel Fairies are going on a treasure hunt!

Time for a treasure hunt!

The Jewel Fairies are searching Fairyland for the magical jewels that give all fairies their special powers. If they can find them all, they will be granted a very special gift– beautiful jeweled pendants!

After a very busy day, only one is left. The fairies must combine their magic to help Sophie the Sapphire earn her necklace. Read More..

Daisy Meadows has written over one hundred books for children. Her RAINBOW MAGIC series is a New York Times bestseller!

The Best Seat in Second Grade (I Can Read Level 2)

Sam is tired of waiting to be Hamster Helper. So when his class takes a trip to the science museum, Sam decides to bring along something extra . . .Read More…


Plants vs. Zombies: Save Your Brains! (I Can Read Level 2)

Based on the bestselling game, Plants vs. Zombies, Save Your Brains! introduces young readers to Crazy Dave and the fun-dead! The zombies are coming! If you want to save your brains, you’ll need to know which plants to use. Don’t worry—Crazy Dave is here to help guide you.

I Can Read books are designed to encourage a love of reading. Plants vs. Zombies: Save Your Brains! is a Level Two I Can Read book, geared for kids who read on their own but still need a little help. Read More…

The zombies are coming! Will you be ready to save your brains? Don’t worry—Crazy Dave is here to help!


These are LEVEL 2 readers – bit more words than a level 1.

best book to learn to read