Learn To Read Faster And Accurately With This Innovative $30 Software

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With all the information we have available at our fingertips, it can be hard to keep up. You want to read and learn as much as possible, but eventually, your eyes gloss over and you call it quits. There’s just too much excellent reading material across the web and not enough time in the day. Fortunately, apps are dedicated to making information easier to digest on the web. One of the best is BeeLine Reader, an award-winning, crowd favorite, that utilizes color to help you consume text — and it’s on sale.

BeeLine Reader is a speed-reading tool that adds an eye-guiding color gradient to text in an effort to improve your efficiency. In independent testing, its been shown to improve reading speeding for most users and is especially helpful for those with attention deficit disorder and dyslexia. And unlike many other speed reading tools, you’ll still comprehend the text you’re reading.

Install the extension on Firefox or Chrome and convert web pages into color-guided text by clicking the bee icon on your bookmarks bar. It’s that easy! BeeLine Reader will then transform the text on a webpage into a simple, uni-columned text block containing color gradients to help you reduce line transition errors and speed up your reading process. Ultimately, this can help you digest blog posts, emails, articles, and eBooks up to 20% faster.

Most of us are buried in information on the web, but with BeeLine Reader, we can finally find our way out. For just $29.99 at shopdealboss.com you can get BeeLine Reader: Lifetime Subscription — 86% off the original price of $220 — and boost your reading efficiency online.

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