How Reading Can Help Children

How Reading Can Help Children

Books are an inspiration!

The only way to get children to read is to start reading to them even in utero. Yes, while Mom is pregnant.!

Now, to give you an example of this, I did this for both my children, after the birth, I began reading to them everyday.

My second born, developed a love for books at a very young age. She has lived her whole life of 38 years, consuming books.

Our first born, however, did not have that same love for reading. He struggled at first, he had a hearing and eye sight problems.

Maybe this was his deterrent from wanting to read more. He completed his education and was a fine young man.

Sitting down with a book provides children with a time for quiet and calmness in their busy lives.

Stories can stimulate imagination and play. Reading, provides parents, with more opportunities to bond with their children.

As we grow, stories provoke curiosity and discussion. Books provide inspiration, thought and reflection.

Finally, books and stories, fill our children’s minds with knowledge. Enables them to increase their vocabulary, and, assists them in speaking, more articulately

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