Flip & Read Sight-Word Sentences



  • Kids build simple sentences with our fun-to-use flip books
  • Includes 100 of the most common sight-words—for endless sentence possibilities
  • Children learn to read high-frequency words by sight
  • For ages 5-7 years

Our easy-to-use flip books give students the practice they need to master 100 different sight-words…as they create fun rebus sentences, then read them aloud! Each book has 5 sets of flips covering 10-15 sight-words, plus helpful rebus pictures and ending punctuation. Children just flip through the pages to build each sentence & read it aloud, then flip to a new word or punctuation mark to change the meaning or expression. Each 3 1?4″ x 9 1?4″ book even has the targeted words on the cover for easy reference! Set of 15; in a storage box.

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